Time for pictures

Finished the machine. I now need to take some pictures of device. I installed this black background so the machine would pop out more.
Here is a "crappy" picture of the installation with the black background.

Now I need a good camera and a tripod. Will post the pictures when there are done.
3-4 weeks to go.



The machine is 95% finished. Needs some handles for my hands.
Time to do nice drawings, a movie, and think of how I'm going to present my work.
3 weeks to go +1 week of installation.


One More Chain

One more chain, fix the pencil and treat the wood and the machine is done.


Working on it

Few pictures showing the machine nearly finished.
As a reminder, the machine draws a line. It's an absurd machine. I will write soon a text explaining the idea of the device. But you may find some info in my thesis published on issuu.

The black pedal set will change. It will be better installed and more discrete. As far the mechanism goes... it works ! It's a bit chaotic as it needs some adjustments, but every teeth fits correctly.
Need to finish it and then I will start some "nice" drawings and start thinking on how I will present my work.


Rapid Shots

Now needs, pedals, wheels, chains...and normally the line will be traced.