Quick Update

Quick update post.
Being working on animation to verify all my mechanics. Everything seems to work... but you never know until the actual object is built.
Being working on the "stance" and finding the right dimensions between the body and the machine.
Next week I'm back in the workshop with the carpenter. Stoked and anxious to see if my design will work !
Will be sending less posts as the final weeks are arriving fast. Made a schedule and stuff I need to produce. Catch up soon.

Found this on the bartlett blog. Should be a nice lecture ! Hope to see it on youtube sometime.


Animation Part 3

This video shows the mechanism of the machine. The video "style" is in black and white and echoes Charlie Chaplin film's. It adds nostalgia to it. Best to watch full screen. Quality should be fine.
Might add music... or an other sequence. To be discussed.


Here is a "capture screen" of my desktop while making the video. What I like, is the sequence of images. It captures a moment in time and to a far extent echoes Chard's bird device. And I thought the sequence could make a nice drawing...


Webb's Amazing Conference

Back from London and saw an amazing conference by Michael Webb. Was supposed to see Chard's one, but there was a misunderstanding. Anyway, Webb's lecture was fantastic and talked about his work, the notion of perspective and symmetry.
He presented a funny video which I will post if I find it. Here are images found on the bartlett blog (http://bartlettyear1architecture.blogspot.com/). I have my own, but the quality isn't good.
His drawings are superb. Glad I had the opportunity to see this!
(Might post the video of the conference. Need to ask a friend if I can borrow the video he recorded.)

Drive In House.

Temple Island Project.


Experimenting animation Part 2


Wanted to post this small animation. Big improvements since last time. Thanks Martial for your tutorial ! Note this shows half of the animation. Need to animate 3 more "wheels" to have the complete mechanism in motion.
More to come with a better quality image. Now off to London !

Off to Nat Chard's Lecture

Off to London see Nat Chard's lecture at the Bartlett.

One of Chard's Devices. See more of his work here: http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/time-photography-and-spatial-equipment.html