I never explained my thesis proposition and the pictures I posted might seem unrelated or confusing. So here is a brief explanation:

I started by investigating and researching the architectural power of machines, devices (which I started in Autumn 2010). I think machines have a complexity, an absurdity and amusement that architecture has not. By deviating machines into various tools new possibilities may be reached.
By mixing fiction with machines, it allows the viewer to understand normal occurrences in a straight forward manner and allows the real and the fantastic to be accepted in the same stream of thought.
Cj Lim argues that: 
"The point of "combining place and fiction," as Short Stories describes it, is not so that we can sit around infantilizing one another with fairy tales, treating the world as empty spectacle, but to reveal, through projects of great imaginative power, that another world is possible, and architects have a unique ability to chaperone this future earth into existence".

So my project proposal is an imaginary theatre based upon a scenario (i'm currently writing). The program of a theatre allows me to invent wacky devices and question the typology of the building and making a "theatre in a theatre". 
The machines reenforces the narration making the fiction more understandable. 

The project should be understood and regarded as a fiction.

I will shortly post my thesis draft.

Pictures of an old model


an Other picture of the pop chair

Rendering of the theatre

Cushion Post

The cushion post is a device aiming to control the sound. Made of wood and of a cushion.