Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

Ideas and more ideas. Trying to organize in a choreographic and economical way the installation.
Here are some sketches and variations in 3d. I'm trying to keep a simple complexity so  it actually works.
My first ambition was to create a sophisticated machine with various mechanismes. However, time delay and the amount of time to fabricate a 1/1 mechanical piece is beyond my capacities. So I'm trying to be strategic in the connexions and the machine network. Simple is not simplistic.

For the moment, the machine is meant "to be" (like the Eames Solar Toy). It has no particular function but "dances" in a scenographic way.
The idea is to have a system activated by leg power. I'm currently working on the speed of the machine so that a fast movement gently turns into a very slow movement creating a suspense and a absurdity.
Tomorrow I'll see the carpenter and discuss balance, possibilities, structure, time of fabrication...
More soon.


Wood Cutting

Making my own mechanical pieces. It takes way longer than I thought. Between drawing, cutting, and sanding, this simple piece took me 3 hours. And it's not perfect! But will get there.


Off to see a carpenter

Off to see a carpenter to talk about my installation. Have not yet posted the designs of the machine as I'm still working on it. However I have one big mechanical piece to fabricate (see specs on image) and I hope we will be able to make it.
It's a "pimped" version of a medieval crown gear but with it's teeth on the outside of the wheel.



New stuff: big,bigger,biggest.
New room, new tools.
Starting to work on a 1/1 mechanical installation and to do this I first need to create my own mechanical parts at a large scale.
Eventually it will become a awesome device acting like a theatre. Lots of work to do !

Alexander Rotchenko/Liubov Popova

Constructivism Nostalgia..