Diagram Exhibition

 Author: Claire Tournier

 Author: Jieun Kim

 Author: Mr. Ayala

Diagram exhibition.


Cook Critique/ 2 Week Project by divers students

Here are some pictures I took during the first critique by Sir Peter Cook, his wife (forgot her name) and David Tajchman.
The students got the brief 2 weeks ago and had to imagine a project in the ESA courtyard. The outcome is good in terms of amount of work. However, I do think a problem of scale (as mentioned Peter) appeared. Many students totally replaced the existing buildings and always the same: the one designed by Brullmann, which in my opinion is a good building.
A more subtle approach, I think, would to design or incorporate a building with the classical building (the theory building)...

Sorry, I don't know the names of the students. There will be a next critique in 3 weeks, so more to come!


Reference Stuff

Starting my thesis this year with Sir Peter Cook.
Here are some references I found. The theme of the thesis is Architecture and Mechanics.