Centre Pompidou /Piano Rogers

Found a book on the Pompidou Center in Paris.It explains the concept of the building. Here are some pictures I took. There's a small evolution from the first drawings to the final project. You will definitely see the influence of Archigram.

Du plateau Beaubourg au centre Pompidou, editions centre georges pompidou.


AA Conference/ Sir Peter Cook

Check out Sir Peter's Cook conference at the AA. He investigates and questions the plan in architecture.



Planetarium/Buenos Aires

Found this picture on the internet. The project was designed by Enrique Jan.
The building makes me think of architecture you may imagin in comic books such as Men in Black.


New Zealand/ Wellington/ Stuff

Some pictures of student presentations. Mostly are 3rd year students.

Some good stuff going over there !


Rhino/ Grasshopper

Just finished a intensive one week training in Rhino+Grasshopper. I now have to experiment. But pretty cool stuff even though it's not simple.


Fun and Games/ R.Aitken R.Wilson Lou Xi

Here is a project done by exchange students from Wellington (New Zealand) in the Peter Cook studio at l'ESA in 2009. The project is a research on Kings Cross development. Get a closer look at the beautiful model.

This image is the property of R.AITKEN and R.WILSON LOU XI



This is a very good site, with lots and amazing drawings. The amount of work that Archigram did is simply huge.


ESA Exhibition 2nd Part

Unknown Author, R. De Ostos Studio.

S.Jaubert, C.Dupont, OSA Studio. 

Unknown Author and Studio, but cool laser cut model.