Archi-BD Book

Archi-BD is a french book on comics and architecture. There was a exhibition last December at "Paillot Chaillot" in Paris. There are fantastic drawings in this book, questioning the representation of buildings, cities.

Aldo ROSSI, Ville Nouvelle et son développement contrôlé, Cannes, 1968-70

Moebius, Alexandro Jadorowsky, Scénario Difool-l'Inal Noir, 1980


Bartlett October Visit

Picture I took when I was visiting the Bartlett School in London. Unknown author.


Will Alsop painting Odile Decq

Will Alsop drawing Odile Decq in a conference at the Bartlett School in London.The painting was then given to Sir Peter Cook as a birthday present.


Rendering Testing

Just testing some rendering styles. No project, just an image for an image.
This is the property of Nelson LARROQUE


Burkina Faso Project 2009

Here are some pictures of the model and trip we've done in 2009. With the help of an ONG and the "Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture" we designed a hospital, school and dwelling in Ougadougou. The extreme climate was our main concern and played an major role in the design. The project was lead by Serge Joly (tutor), the team consisted of 16 students.
It will hopefully be constructed.
Find more info on the video I've done at: http://www.vimeo.com/4803778


An old model/ Comic Book Library

Each peace of wood is a shelf. The shelf becomes floor, wall, desk, ceiling, structure.


Rem Koolhaas / Villa d'All Ava

Here are some pictures of my visit of the Villa d'All Ava.