Starting animation


Started animation yesterday in cinema 4d. Here is avery simple one. But I'll do one with the entire mechanism. Just need time to learn the software.


Christmas done, back to work

PIctures showing the advancement of my drawing device.
The carpenter is gone on holidays for a month... so had to a do as much as I could with him before he left.
This leaves me time to work on my narration, fabrication of small mechanical parts and complexify my the mechanism and make sure it work's.

Note, there is a curve on the edges of the beam. This was done by hand. 


Christopher Taylor's Work

Here are two videos of Christopher Taylor's work. I was discussing my project with Peter and somehow we talked about mouse wheels. We wondered if it was possible to fabricate one at a human scale. I guess this is our answer.

But what's interesting about these two devices are the scale, the absurdity and the craft. The machine becomes an art in itself and the function disappears to reveal the beauty of the device.

Will shortly post the advancement of my drawing machine.


Design process update

For those that read this blog or just landed on it, you may find the posts confusing.
So here is a brief text to recapitulate and sum up my process.

I started to look at machines (not robotics or electronics). This notion of the machine lead me to investigate several paths:  colored drawings, small models, 2d/3d drawings and a theatre.
The theatre was a good way to express my fascination for mechanics. However, my theatre machine couldn't "answer" my vision of a machine. I left this path to investigate an other one.

So this last month, I started to design my own machine. It keeps the idea of performance like a theatre, but I added a poetic and theoretical dimension to it (mentioned in my thesis written part, will post it soon).
There are 3 key words in my investigation:
Simple Complexity.
I''m trying to put these three dimensions in my machine, and this is leading me to design a drawing machine scale 1/1.

A  medieval style drawing machine questioning the idea of representation of architecture.

This machine is supposed to draw a line (first act of architecture). This line will be activated by a simple/complex mechanism and will take about 10 minutes to draw a 40 cm line (absurdity).
During these 10 minutes, a series of causes and effects appear making the machine a performance. It's not necessary for me to tell you that the craft dimension is building the machine.

I guess confusion it's part of the investigation. To find exactly what you want is a step by step process, and I think I'm getting there.

I'm currently working on a small model and will shortly post it on the blog.
Must soon go to the wood supplier and find out who much will it cost me.
And the big wheel is finished.


Big Wheel Fabrication Part 2

Here is part two of the big wheel fabrication. Wheel is almost done. Needs to dry and we will make it "nice" next week.
Putting the teeth of the wheel was a nightmare ! As everything is done by hand, the wheel is not exactly a perfect circle, so the gap between the teeth was not like on the drawing. But we did it !

It's surprising the time you need to fabricate this stuff. It's a a real work of hands and patience. And I'm starting to understand what Libeskind felt while making his machine. It's a real job of craft.  And the reward is way better than laser cutting. I'm pretty stoked right now. But more to do !!

PS: The pictures show especially the carpenter working, but I assure you my hands are getting dirty too.


Big Wheel Fabrication

With the help of a retired carpenter I'm fabricating this big wheel.
I'm doing it now, as I'm sure to have this mechanical piece in the project and the carpenter will not be here end of december and january. This will leave me time to continue design the machine and then fabricate it on february.
Learning some wicked stuff.


Libeskind's Machines

Here is a post that I always forget to do.
This 3 machines Libeskind made for the Venice Biennale in the 80s have largely inspired me.
The beauty of the craft and the theoretical idea (which I'll let you understand by reading his essays) are remarkable.

Here are some quotes from this book.

"By the way, making machines, I discovered as I was doing this project, is an old task".
"Vitrivius says that first of all an architect should make a machine, it's more important than making a city".
"Every good architect should first make a machine to do architecture".
"The act is the experience.... a machine is about the experience one has in participating in it".



Went to see the carpenter and he is able to help me with the machine.
Time of fabrication seems all right according to him. We talked about structure and it needs modification.

But time does not seem him to concern him and looks pretty easy for him to build.
So I'm able to complexify it and add more gears/pulleys and son on.

I'm also going to see the "Atelier de Nantes". The guys that create these huge machines like the elephant one. Now I need to add stuff to my machine.

Photo: Shin Egashira


Internet Picks

David Shingler - Bird Drawing Machine 

Eske Rex  -Pendulum Drawing Machine 


Organize Optimize Simplify Materialize

Here are some images showing the evolution of the project since the last post. 
You can get an idea of the scale of it and how you sit and activate it.

Important, this machine triggers a network that in the end draws a 40cm line. The line represents a symbolic act in architecture as it is the first step to design and separate two spaces.

What I'm trying to achieve is (mentioned in my thesis written part) to fabricate a ironic and absurd yet symbolic gap between the time fabrication and the machine's size with a simple purpose: draw a line.

Now I still keep this idea of performances and choreography, but I add a more powerful dimension to my machine (I think). 

ps: might need better explanation.


Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

Ideas and more ideas. Trying to organize in a choreographic and economical way the installation.
Here are some sketches and variations in 3d. I'm trying to keep a simple complexity so  it actually works.
My first ambition was to create a sophisticated machine with various mechanismes. However, time delay and the amount of time to fabricate a 1/1 mechanical piece is beyond my capacities. So I'm trying to be strategic in the connexions and the machine network. Simple is not simplistic.

For the moment, the machine is meant "to be" (like the Eames Solar Toy). It has no particular function but "dances" in a scenographic way.
The idea is to have a system activated by leg power. I'm currently working on the speed of the machine so that a fast movement gently turns into a very slow movement creating a suspense and a absurdity.
Tomorrow I'll see the carpenter and discuss balance, possibilities, structure, time of fabrication...
More soon.


Wood Cutting

Making my own mechanical pieces. It takes way longer than I thought. Between drawing, cutting, and sanding, this simple piece took me 3 hours. And it's not perfect! But will get there.


Off to see a carpenter

Off to see a carpenter to talk about my installation. Have not yet posted the designs of the machine as I'm still working on it. However I have one big mechanical piece to fabricate (see specs on image) and I hope we will be able to make it.
It's a "pimped" version of a medieval crown gear but with it's teeth on the outside of the wheel.



New stuff: big,bigger,biggest.
New room, new tools.
Starting to work on a 1/1 mechanical installation and to do this I first need to create my own mechanical parts at a large scale.
Eventually it will become a awesome device acting like a theatre. Lots of work to do !