Paul Andreu's intriguing work

An intriguing resemblance to the Johnson Wax building by F.L.Wright caught my attention.


An old model.

Subject: Explore a dead architecte: Renaat Braem. Critic his work by a model. Cedric Libert Studio, Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture, 2009.

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Mechanical Living

Located on l’Ile au Cygnes in the 15 the district of Paris, the project is a nostalgic research on mechanics and architecture. Based on the drawings of William Heath Robinson and Rube Golberg, the idea is to create a self-sufficient building. The water current of the Seine triggers a system of mechanical devices. Each machine is thus in movement, capturing electrical energy. This energy is stoked and then redistributed when needed. The challenge of the scheme was to collaborate the program with the mechanical devices. Therefore, the program is exploded in different mechanical systems: the beds are in a gigantic gear, the toilets in a smaller one and the showers in a container. Each of these devices, procure different views of Paris. The project explores the potential ways in which architecture and mechanics may respond to our ecological crisis creating unexpected and dramatic spaces. From the Pompidou Center to Instant City by Archigram, the project investigates new ways of living. In this scheme, man is partially controlled by the machine.


Final Video by Sebastien Durel


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Research Drawings

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Model Pictures

These images are the property of Nelson LARROQUE.
The model was realised by Nelson Larroque and Sébastien Durel.


Final presentation/ Cook Studio/ ESA/ Mechanical Living

These images are the property of Nelson LARROQUE